Why “These Loving Feet”?

So why did I name my blog “These Loving Feet”?

Well for starters, I like to be different. I think it is good to be unique and stand out from the crowd. My family and I definitely accomplish that; however, my reasoning behind the blog name goes beyond just being different.

When I think of the phrase “These Loving Feet” many different ideas or topics come to mind. First and foremost the loving feet of Jesus that went before me on the cross and died for my sins so that I can one day go to Heaven. The loving feet of a family doing life together to conquer obstacles in front of us every day. The loving feet of a mama not only educating her children, but raising them to love and serve others. The loving feet of a husband and wife teaming up not only in simple projects but in everyday life. The phrase “These Loving Feet” can mean many different things to everyone. Whatever the phrase means to you I hope you find encouragement here.