Getting a Child Ready for Kindergarten with Growing Expectations

Kindergarten is a big milestone no matter if children are homeschooled, public schoolers, or private schoolers. I will have two kids going into kindergarten next year. My oldest Connor has autism and my other little guy, AJ is in constant hyperactive mode. Getting Connor and AJ ready for kindergarten next year has proven to be no small task.

The evolution of Kindergarten over the years

Over the years, I have heard my family and friends talk about how much kindergarten has changed over the years. I’m starting to see that first hand now. Apparently, nap time in kindergarten is a thing of the past. Today’s standards for kindergarteners are higher than the standards when I was in kindergarten. Does anyone else feel that way?

As a mommy of two little boys who struggle academically, that scares me a little bit.

What I’m doing to help my boys?

I want my boys ready to conquer the world of learning. In an effort to help my boys get caught up I do what I call “homeschool lessons” at home after the boys get home from half-a-day preschool.

How I handle the lesson plans

To plan the at-home lessons I follow the interest of my children. So for example, Connor has a lot of interest in the beach lately so I use that in lessons. Today for math we counted seashells. For fun, we even made our own island out of blankets. I also use whatever show the boys happen to be focused on that day. My boys love Octonauts so I used that in my dialogue while teaching today.

Every day we do activities in wipe-off learning books, tracing pages, and read a lot of books. I typically use games as rewards for doing school work and chores. My boys thrive during learning time with background noise so while we do lessons we listen to music usually on Pandora or off a Seeds Family Worship CD.

What the Lessons Do

  1. The lessons give my boys extra academic teaching to help prepare them for what is to come
  2. The lessons give me a preview of what day to day life would be like should we choose to homeschool our children.

Materials I Recommend

Wipe-Off Books

We use wipe-off books to help cover many different subjects.

Tracing Pages

I use tracing pages to work on handwriting skills.


Read Books

We read a lot of books. I mean A LOT.

Seeds Family Worship

We use Seeds Family Worship to work on scripture memorizing with our kiddos. It works well for any kiddo who loves music.

Dry Erase Boards

Dry Erase Board and Markers are wonderful to help kids learn.


We play games that encourage fun, learning, and life skills.

A Family Decision

The choice of how to educate children is a very important decision that each parent has to make at some point. Each option has pros and cons. Every family is different. What works for one family will not work for another. Nobody knows your child better than you so nobody else is more qualified to decide how to educate your child. Be encouraged. Do not be swayed by those around you trying to persuade you one way or the other. Do what you feel is right for your family.

Our Decision

My husband and I are committed to our children and their education. As of right now, we plan to let our boys finish preschool in the public school system. We are praying for clarity for which direction God wants us to go after the boys complete preschool. How did you decide?

How did you get your children ready for kindergarten?



  • Jamie Lynn

    I agree it is hard to prepare our kids for kindergarten. I too use workbooks to help to aid in their learning to prepare them. Preschool is a huge help as well. I love how you incorporate what they are interested in into their lesson plans. It’s a wonderful idea to keep them interested in learning. 🙂

  • Taylor Boehme

    My husband and I are looking into alternative schooling ideas as well. As far as starting Kindergarten or not, we’ve decided to keep her home. My husband started school with 1st grade, so we feel as long as our babies understand the basics taught in Kindergarten, along with the extra lessons the stay-at-home parents are willing to teach, then they will excel.

  • Stefanie

    My son is just one year old so we’re not quite there yet, but I’m sure I’ll probably be like you as far as teaching him as much as I can at home. They can never be too prepared

  • Echo

    Great post. I’ve been in the Early childhood field for over 11 years now and Kindergarten is so different. There is such a big push to learn how to read right away and so much more. It’s great that you guys are practicing. Besides these homeschool lessons kids who can sit during a circle time, follow 2-3 step directions, and understand and moderate their feelings (within reason for their age) will be ahead of those kids who haven’t had any school experiences before kindergarten.

  • Shae Jones

    I’ll have to be sure to keep these activities for when my son is old enough and preparing for Kindergarden! They are all so cute and I especially love the dry erase activities. Thank you!!

  • Julia

    My youngest is now in Kindergarten so I’m past this phase. It’s definitely true that Kindergarten is the new first grade (imo). The focus is on literacy and reading. Kudos to you for recognizing the trend and preparing your boys ahead of time.

  • MIsh

    Thanks for sharing, Cassie! I home school our eldest and we are super excited about Kindergarten. I love wipe-boards as well. Such a great idea to use games as rewards! I’m doing that from now on, too!

  • sadiee

    thanks for sharing your lesson plans! I plan on homeschooling my LO but its always nice to see what other mommas are using 🙂

  • erin

    I am so glad I’m not alone in this. My oldest is almost 4 and I’m stressing about Kindergarten, I want her to be successful, but at the same time I don’t want to take away valuable play time in the process of getting her ready!

  • Chandra @ Journey to Bravery

    My 4-year-old is hyperactive. I really wonder if he has ADHD. I had to take him out of pre-school last year because the teacher was fed up with him. He’s difficult. This year, pre-school is going a little better. But, he still can’t write any letters at all and he just barely started drawing pictures last week. He NEVER colors in the lines and he has no interest in trying to sound out any letters. As soon as I try to help him, he runs off. He’s our 3rd child of 4 and he’s been so much different than the other 3 kids. I have no idea what I’m doing with him.

    My plan is to buckle down and really start having a schedule with him. I think his education has taken a back seat because he’s such a frustrating child. But, since he’s starting kindergarten next year, it’s really important that I teach him these things so that he isn’t even more frustrated when he’s in school.

  • Sapna Krishnan

    My daughter cried through the first week of school. I think I dint prepare her enough but I am glad her teachers handled it very well. Now, she loves her school and dislikes the holidays.

  • Samah

    These are great resources! It’s important to prepare and teach your children instead of just leaving that up to schools. I remember back in my day we has no naptime either (it was just a preschool thing). Thankfully I had a very attentive brother who used to teach me reading, writing and math well before and after I was in kindergarten! It really helped me soar through grade school

  • Mama Writes Reviews

    My oldest will be in Kinder next year! Academically, he’s testing at a 1st (or 2nd grade level)!!! but socially, he’s definitely right at a Pre-K level, or even below that. It’s going to be an interesting year for sure.

  • Brittany

    As a former kindergarten and pre-k teacher I totally agree that the expectations and standards are much higher now. These are great tips to help prepare your children!

  • Elise Cohen Ho

    It is so interesting how expectations have changed from the time I was in Kindergarten to the time my kids were to the times that this generation is. I think it is great that you are working on being prepared.

  • Susan

    I know some will say I’m biased in my opinion here but I know you & Addison will do your best to make great decisions concerning your kiddos education. Your great parents! I believe in you!

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