When your Hubby is an Uber Driver

Recently my husband started driving for Uber in addition to his day job. Let me just tell you right now if you are not ok with late nights this is not for you. Well, I guess that would depend on what type of wife you are. I am probably crazy but I have never been able to go to sleep or really relax until I know he is safe at home.

That being said he does come home with some pretty funny stories. And I have to say after hearing these stories I’m so glad that these people decided to get a ride home safe and sound instead of trying to drive home themselves.

The mission at hand

My husband became an Uber driver as a way to earn extra income for our family. That being said, being an Uber driver is a ministry within itself.  He has driven people from all walks of life. His goal beyond making income is to bring light into the lives of those who ride in his vehicle.

For him to be a blessing to those he gives rides to we make sure the vehicle is clean and equipped with extra phone chargers. It’s little things but I believe the little things make a difference.

When my hubby is Uber driving

I am a pretty silly person in many ways. One way is when my hubby is not at home and I expect him home I can not go to sleep. It’s like engraved in me. My husband uber drives on the weekends between 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.  During this time I typically get caught up on housework, shows my husband doesn’t care for, or work on my blog. So, as you can see I keep myself busy. I try not to waste time. And also if I stay busy I spend less time worrying when it gets later and later.

If you would like to know more about my experience as a wife of an uber driver just let me know by leaving a comment.

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